Transport for shipment

  • Sea Container 20", loading weight 23 mt
  • Sea Container 40", loading weight 28.4 mt
  • Submission of Transport carried out to company by cars or by railway station Kharkiv LISKI (train code 449909), Sender ID 2131


  • Cargo, loading weight 20 metric ton (mt), TIR or CMR
  • Wagon, loading weight 68 mt, railway station is Kharkov Balashovsky (train code 440503), Sender ID 2131



Delivery terms

Delivery terms are based on INCOTERMS 2010



Payment, Terms, Guarantees

Payment: Buyer shall prepay 100% of goods. Seller prepares goods and sends it under the terms of the contract.

Shipping time:Seller begins preparation of goods for shipment, certification, custom clearence after  prepayment

The average time to ship 100 metric tons of wheat flour is 2-3 days by FCA basis depending on conditionality and the timely filing of transport.

Guarantees: Shipment dates are prescribed in the contract for the buyer guarantee, as well as issuance of bank guarantee to the buyer under the transaction.

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